Built the Free Roaming Autonomous Nature Creator or FRANC for short. FRANC is a robot that can autonomously plant seeds in a designated area. The robot has lidar, stereo vision, IMU, and GPS to help itself obstacle avoid and uses waypoints to move from one planting site to another. Alongside FRANC is the power station which carries a large silo of seeds and a solar panel that can recharge and refill battery and seeds for FRANC.

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Dual-Channel Oscilloscope

Programmed in C with a Raspberry Pi and a PSoC-5. The PSoC is used to convert the analog waveform to digital and transfers the digital waveform onto the Pi where it will display it with OpenVG. The program handles data transfer with USB and can take command line arguments for various settings. The oscilloscope can handle frequency ranges of 100 to 100kHz with a maximum sample rate of 100k samples per second.

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Programmed in verilog onto a Basys3 board to create an old school skiing video game. Displayed in a VGA ouput and constructed using purely logic gates. The game is run on 9 different state machines including switches to change the length of the gates and an anode display to show score.

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With two Uno32 Pic kits I designed a game replicating the licensed Battleships board game. Written in C, I had the user play against a bot and used encrypted bitstrings and checksums to send back and forth the two kits during the game's progression. The bot utilizes random functions for all its guesses and the player sends bitstrings for their guesses. Each kit holds data for ship lives and locations

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Arduino Mod GC Controller

I soldered an Arduino NANO 3.0 into my personal Gamecube controller. The Arduino contains C++ code that fixes inconsistencies in inputs and adds a few features for the controller. The code specifically addresses many controller issues for the game Super Smash Bros Melee. The mod bridges the gap between bad and good controllers and balances the competitive playing field.

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Magic Mirror

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